Code 3 of 9

Code 3 of 9 (also known as Code 39) is an alphanumeric barcode that can store decimal numbers, uppercase characters, and some punctuation characters: '-' (dash), '.' (period), '$' (dollar sign), '/' (slash), '%' (percent sign), and '+' (plus). There is also an asterisk character '*', used exclusively as a start/stop character.

Extended Code 39 is a variation of the basic barcode that encodes the full ASCII character set (128 symbols) by pairs of Code 39 characters.

The generator supports all features of these barcodes, including checksum generation. Symbols of Extended Code 39 should be passed in URL-encoded form.

Besides parameters common to all stylesheets, this barcode generator allows to turn checksum digit generation on and off.

XSLT stylesheets: 3of9.xsl 3of9-svg.xsl
Sample: testdata.xml test-barcodes-fo.xsl testdata.pdf
Online demo:

The online demo supports only basic Code 39. Please enter uppercase letters, digits, and/or punctuation characters listed above, then press the button.


Leading and trailing asterisks ('*') will be automatically added by the generator; don't type them in the value to encode.