Code 128

Code 128 is a continuous, multilevel, full ASCII code. The character set consists of 103 different characters, three different start characters, and one stop character. With the three different start characters, there are three different code subsets available. Special 'shift' characters enable code subset switching within the encoded string.

The generator supports the whole code alphabet, including checksum generation. Control combinations are escaped using percent sign.

Besides parameters common to all stylesheets, this barcode generator allows you to select code subset which will be used for data encoding. It also allows you to turn on/off automatic addition of a special character required by UCC/EAN code.

XSLT stylesheets: code128.xsl code128-svg.xsl
Sample: testdata.xml test-barcodes-fo.xsl testdata.pdf
Online demo:

The demo uses code subset 'A'; no UCC/EAN special character is added. Enter any number of uppercase letters, digits and punctuation characters, then press the button.


The percent sign (%) is used to escape control characters: %ESC%, %LF%, etc. To include the percent sign, repeat it twice: %%.